Cold Room


Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Company is a reliable and recognized Nigerian designer and manufacturer of cold room, commercial refrigerators, commercial freezers, chilled food storage equipment, beverage counters and chilled display cabinets. We serve several sectors, such as Hotel, Restaurant and Catering, Scientific and Marine.


Cold Rooms


Our variety includes equipment for frozen, chilled food storage, as well as specialist scientific items such as laboratory plasma freezers.


We also offer all-inclusive selection of galley equipment for the marine industry, including cold food storage units, marine refrigerators and freezers.


Our clients include commercial kitchens, hotels, industrial canteens, restaurants and fast food outlets in the catering sector. We also supply hospitals, laboratories and life sciences operators with other equipment. We are pleased to be suppliers of marine freezers, marine refrigerators and galley equipment to thousands of vessels sailing on the world’s oceans today, including roll-on roll-off ferries, cargo vessels and large cruise liners.


Cold Room

If you still have cold room, commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers selection problems or doubts in your selection or just would like our expert advice please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on Phone: +234 8029486613




Email: [email protected]










Note that prices of cold rooms may vary with the number of features such as, cold room dimension, thickness of polystyrene body panels, roof panels, floor panels and door type sliding or hinged door.

Prices of cold rooms may also vary with its cooling capacity and if the cold rooms have accessories added.

We supply cold rooms with 3 years warranty included on Condensing and Evaporating Units



S/N Dimension Product Price
1. 7 * 7 * 7 ft Cold Room ₦2,600,000
2. 8 * 6 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦3,900,000
3. 10 * 6 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦4,800,000
4. 10 * 8 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦5,500,000
5. 12 * 6 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦6,900,000
6. 12 * 8 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦7,350,000
7. 15 * 8 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦8,500,000
8. 20 * 8 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦10,900,000
9. 20 * 16 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦13,900,000
10. 25 * 16 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦16,900,000
11. 30 * 16 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦18,600,000
12. 32 * 20 * 10 ft Cold Room ₦22,500,000
13. 35 * 20 * 10 ft Cold Room ₦24,900,000
14. 40 * 8 * 8 ft Cold Room ₦30,200,000
15. 40 * 10 * 10 ft Cold Room ₦40,000,000



Prices provided are average prices and are not guaranteed they are only provided to give you an estimate of cold room prices in Nigeria.

Our mobile teams of highly skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day in Nigeria.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Phone: +234 8029486613

Email: [email protected]

Cold Room
Blast Freezer
Cold room prices in Nigeria
Cold room prices in Nigeria
Cold room prices in Nigeria
Cold room prices in Nigeria
Cold room prices in Nigeria
Cold room prices in Nigeria
Cold room prices in Nigeria



Cold Room prices in Nigeria

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